Mission London – rejected

yes, yes – that was the initial idea for the movie evening in Atelie Clobb.

“Mission London” is a witty movie with so beloved to me self-irony, the story takes part in the Embassy of Bulgaria in London. yes, yes it uses a nice metaphor of the embassy as an Island/Fortress in the Big Foreign Ocean, it plays with stereotypes, the movie has sence of  humor and a bit of a Balkan spices, but…

for the last 5 five I’ve lived in Sofia, I hate it and I like it, it is still an ambivalent feeling for me – the live that I lived there… so

with the help of Bogdana (the other Bulgarian that lives in Škofja Loka), I decided, that the movie I want to show actually is “Eastern plays”. For some reasons:

– I walked these streets, I know this places, I know these faces

– It is not a pathetic movie and it speaks with the voices of the real people

– the producer is young and already successful

– it is a low-cost movie, but a quality one

– the music of Nasekomix, which deserves attention

– it is a choice for a personal point of view, not national


Here is the official site of the movie:

http://www.easternplays.com/en/ – the trailer is in French, I guess because it was presented on Festival in Kan or because it was first distributed by a french company (I am not sure which reasons is the right one 🙂

and something for the movie in Wikipedia


tha day is Tuesday (14.06.), the time is: 21:00


and I will wish you lovely week with one song from Nasekomix:


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Sabine on 14.06.2011 at 7:02 pm

    …will watch it if I find some time! =) Greetings from Germany!


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