week №11 woman vs maškar

The history of Human rights doesn’t begin with the Universal declaration of the Human rights. It has its origins already in the ancient world.

The International women day also have had a long history, that began in the 19th century when women started to defend their human rights, asking for better work conditions and payment.

At 8-th of March 1857 American women – textile workers of New York City held a demonstration over town streets. They were protesting against the low earnings and bad trade conditions.

1908, USA – Last Sunday in the February of 1908, American women socialists marked the first Women’s Day, by organizing large demonstrations. They demand not only suffrage for women, but also the realization of their political and economic rights. Next year, 2.000 people participated in the demonstrations on Manhattan.

1910, USA – The Women’s Day was accepted by women socialists and feminists all over the USA

1913-1914, Russia – As part of the pacifist movement, which started its activities in the eve of the First World War, Russian women marked the Women’s Day for the first time, on the last Sunday of February 1913. Elsewhere in Europe, the Women’s Day was celebrated on, or around, the 8th of March, either as an antiwar protest, or as an expression of solidarity with the women of Russia.

1917, Russia – after the abdication of the Russian King Nikolay II, the temporary government guaranteed women the right to vote. This historical Sunday, according to the Julian calendar, which was at that time in use in Russia, went on the 23rd of February, and according to the otherwise used Gregorian calendar, on the 8th of March. It was taken as the day when the entire world will mark the international holiday – Women’s Day.

So, on 8-th of March I receive candies, flowers and pinky cards not because I’m beautiful or man’s jewel, but because somebody before me fight for the rights I have today:)

ok, now some propaganda in pictures:











The capitalistic version:



















My experiences from Slovenia are telling me, that more popular here is so called Mascarade, which last for one week, and people dress as good, as their imagination advices them. In different parts of Slovenia there are different traditional masks and the people who wear them are called “Maškarce”. But what surprised me, that in some places men has to pay to see that tradition masks and connected with them customs (like it was in Cerkno).

and traditional food around those days is krof…m- m-m, just don’t overdose 😛

and it was a great party in Ostriga, which wouldn’t be possible without a good DJ. Greetings to him!!!


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  1. Posted by Anze on 22.03.2011 at 2:23 pm

    Waw, you really chose the most delicious looking picture of krofi! 😀
    Even after the lunch that I just ate my stomack is hungry of the creatures on the picture! 😛


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