week №7 Paint it, grey

it is the mood of the nature those days, and sunday is gloomy


otherwise, the weekly report shows us that the volunteer Pl. managed to jump on the trampoline, without crashing her neck or head. It was hard warming up session before the real jumping, so 3 days later she was still moving like she “has shit in the pants”. There was also one positive moment, we are not sure yet, but finally maybe Pl. learned how to swim:) This will be checked next week in the big olympic swimming pool in Kranj.

Tip of the week: If you wonder from where to buy a 3 layers toilet paper – Lidl, Hofer, Mercator or DM, our suggestion is to choose DM. We made our objective research on a base of the: length of the role, layers, price, the smell and what is most important “environmental friendly” aspect. For app 2, 27 euro man can get recycling, not aromatic, 3 layers toilet paper – 8 rolls.

Marie suggested and I fully agree with her, that this toilet paper can be washed in the washing machine and used again and again…:)


yell, ja enough bullshit (literally?) for today, I go badminton, to kill the rest of the muscle pain, because on Monday I will spend a whooole day in Adventure park Bohin with the children, muhahaha:P


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