week №6 why go?

it is easy, easy like sunday afternoon, but tomorrow, oh, tomorrow it is a big day!

yeah, Saint Trifon Zarezan – according to the Bulgarian tradition. The festivities on the day of Trifon Zarezan mark the dividing line between the ending of winter and the nearing of spring. Men first go to the holiday church service and then head to the vineyards, taking a musician with them. Every man, when stepping into his vineyard looks at the rising sun and makes the sign of the cross three times. Then he cuts three twigs from three different vines and washes the cut places with red wine, holy water and ashes from wood burnt on Christmas Eve. Women get up early in the morning, bake festive bread – loaves decorated with dough vines and grapes, roast a hen stuffed with grits (baked ground corn kernels. And…it ends with spiritual laugh and wine:)

I really doubt that I will stand up so early, but after 20:30 the doors of my house will be open for those who would like some red wine, white cheese and fresh-baked loaf!

I planted my first basilic and I really hope that all my big love and small efforts will make those seeds grow.

At work – everything under control and joy. I tried walking on a line, and I was so happy to know that under me were  only 20 sm and not 20 m.  It is hard, I understood how big can be one step, and what progress means – it is 3 steps and a half.

I was thinking how the happiest man in the world should feel, maybe like the one that first spent some precious moments flying in the air, after generations have not manage to do this and after thousands of people saying that it is impossible. I wish I will find such a powerful dream to fly for:)


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