week №3 how much does your neighbour cost?

well, the good relationship between the people is priceless, but when it comes to unsatisfied neighbour it can cost  quite some money and a little chat with the police. Since yesterday, I got the message that if you play games and you laugh (without music and in a small company) in your own home, the acoustic can bring you troubles. The trouble was triple – 2m policeman, angry policewoman, and one more policeman for colour. So our neighbours cost us 41, 73 euros.

On Monday I was also blamed by one shop-assistant that I stole a birthday card. That because I enter with one in my hand and when I came out she just grabbed my hand screaming at me. So…I had to prove that I bought it, it takes like 400 meters:) to go to the bookstore and bring my račun. There were no apologies after that, I left.

Otherwise – such a great week – swimming, new account in the library, my first nonalcoholic beer (I’m not proud, but I learned – no alcohol selling after 22:00), repaired bicycle, my first steps in diabolo with the great help of Kevin, new sewing machine for the DC and the wish to attend sewing workshop in Atelie.

I great you with my new obsession, it is from the movie “Despicable me”


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