week №2 ass more beautiful than eyes

is not mine:)

it was my first week at work without my colleagues – Helena and Nace. I said good-bye to them after I greet the new government budget. My fears that with my supervision the children will destroy the daily center were Wrong. A lot of table games were expecting to be discovered, played and explored so it made my days more than interesting. Also we baked “banitza” – something that tastes like burek. I brought the cheese and layers from Bulgaria. The children liked it, we put some papers in it with their wishes for the new year (this is the tradition in my country), but only the cleaning lady and one unknown to me volunteer got them, so it means for that year the children had to work for their wishes:)

Just in between the spring come, Mucho (my bike) got very sick – his horns are broken, I can only push him, push to the services where I smell that the price to fix it will be at least 1/3 of the price I bought it, but that is one of the painful differences between Slovenia and Bulgaria:)

On Saturday we stood up impossibly early for our Podlubnik team – 6:30 in the morning and went on excursion in Idrija. It is aways great time with Iris, Wilson and Marie, Kev. There were also other international students with us. We visited mine village where people for centuries were digging quick silver. The minors had big families, they mostly died at the age of 40 – 50, so their widows had the chance to marry more than one time in their live. The whole town is above the mine corridors and many other cool details about the life and work in Idrija we learned. Because the excursion packet was “all-inclusive” – we also visited all the possible museums – the one on the castle, the mine one, restaurant with quick services, but tasty food and aquarium. It was full of amazing creatures. On the picture below was the one that impressed me most, the one with the most beautiful ass, this is the big dot in the middle, around are the eyes:) it makes yellow round dirts:)

What we also learned there was an interesting fact about the clown fish (the Nemo one). If you put two of one gender in an aquarium after some time one of them became the opposite gender. But mostly all of the are born males:) So that is one of the facts that Nemo 2 does not exist, because there will be no more father and son…and it will be an incest movie – hahaha:)

some beauties from the excursion:)

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