week №10 Dancing queen

lets say that the week started in Thursday, because I can hardly remember the other days. There was a big event in Atelie Clobb, and with Marie we were preparing for it every night and every free minute in the bathroom.  For the one who did not come – sorchi, but it was cool Karaoke party! Many times thank to the guys that spend their nights downloading and also installing the media – Iris, Wilson and Marie.

Thank you Alcohol – one of the best friends, but not so reliable after some “cheers”. The night before this important day our sick minds born the idea to greet the guests with “Barby girl”, the choreography was brilliantly figured out in 20 min + requisite. I think we managed good, only pictures and videos can show  the truth. I am not prepared to face it, yet.

Friday with Marie we jumped into the train for Nova Gorica – the place where our on arrival training took part.

It was such a nice time… fairy tale nature and food

Once upon a time there were 14 dwarfs, living in a house. From 9 till 21:00 they were working hardly to produce as much jokes and laugh as possible, which increase the radioactivity of the place enormously, so they were asked from the owner of the house to leave at 14.12 only 4 days after their arrival. Now they put themself in a book called “Face”. It is a magic one because everybody can write in it. I hope it is a never-ending story, and the national witch will allow us to meet again for the midterm evaluation.

I promise pictures….one day….


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