week №9 say “chee(r)s

3 remarkable things this week:

1) Skofja Loka bar trip – spontaneous, short and well done.


first: check if there will be basketball on TV or some other important match. If you still decide you can survive television on each wall, use the time to scream lout all the dirty things you know in Slovene when everybody is screaming at the players too. It sometimes good for the psychical health.

second: If  you ask for a “kuhano vino”, and you receive a hot drink in a mug with tee bag inside, don’t worry, that is exactly what you order – it seems like this in Loški pub. Germans invented a special herbs tea bag. Check it!

Bars close at 00:00!

2) “Interview” shouting in Ljubljana. Dress code – it is very important if the temperature is 0 and is snowing as hell (although the weather in hell is much more hot, they say).

– take GOOD shoes.

– have good gloves

– have warm jacket

– drink something before (for courage or for warmth)

Use the “red record button” if you want to do something!

Take in mind, that even if you had a nice conversation with the people, they will reject to be shouted. It is like you want to shoot them.

Say that you’re not from the national television.

Don’t give a f…ck if some things don’t go smooth. There is a phobia called “I’m so shy to speakinfrontofthecameralivemealone” – and it’s world spread.

And if you can count from 10 to 1 in Slovene, than you can turn on the lights in the main square of Ljubljana.

3) significant and magnificent concert of Yann Tiersen. I’m sure somebody already found the right words to describe it. I don’t have them.


Dust Lane


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