week №8 painted in white?

ja, ja I know my fans became hysterical because they didn’t get my post as usual 🙂  I have a serious reason, most of the serious reasons happens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday sky painted the earth with white, when this happens to you don’t try to drive a bike. Of course it is possible, just it could be painful as well…and it was snowing and snowing.

We got rid of the couch with the help of 4 strong guys and podarimo.si – only for 2 days and we were waiting for this moment for 2 months, but ok my director has good ideas.

After this exercise I spent the whole Sunday painting the walls. Good that only 3 of them were available. The chosen colours for them were – yellow, peach, orange and the result – more light and life in the room. At 22:00 me and Anze finished this art work and moved our asses outside to use the white paint before people clean it, we built a snowman and a bit later  Marie joined us with her white, frozen cute dog. No, no she is not an animal killer.

Hey, today 2 meters further from our snowman there was a real snowman. She was too far to marry him or somebody was afraid that she can get pregnant.

We rescued also one bike that somebody counted useless already. The only obvious problem is with the tires – they are a bit flat.


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