week №7 Gorenjska dolina

I’m sure every one of us is aware where we live – of course in this special part of Slovenia, where people try to economize from everything, if possible. So with the other inhabitants of Podlubnik we learned to spare food and electricity, so we wake up at lunch and do not eat breakfast:)

Also I discovered the kupons and the pleasure to be a member of KŠŠ, so from now on I go swim every week until I learn to do this. I vote with the highest note from the children swimming pool in Kranj, because the chloric water in the olympic one is not the best aperitif for me.

And I have a question, in case somebody lives in Podlubnik and knows what was that strange noise yesterday like man throws frequently televisions  from the window (at least 5 times), mostly in the late evening? and then…we were the noise one…

let me finish with some Gorenjske jokes, because the weather can’t make me smile.

1)  Guy and his girlfriend went to the cinema.

The guy was eating a popcorn he bought at the entrance.

“Is it good” – asked the girl?

“Just perfect! You can go and buy some for yourself as well.”


2) Gorenjski guy is repairing the roof. Suddenly he started to slide down. Just in the last moment before he felt, he grabbed the gutter and screamed to his wife:

“Honey, cook only for you and the children. Today I will eat in the hospital”


3) Gorenijan man died. His wife went to the newspaper to put obituary notice. To save some money, she only wrote “Tone dead!”.

The employee gave a puzzled look at the woman and explained:

“Till 5 words the prise is one and the same.”

“No, but after that you will write: Tone dead. Selling a tractor advantageously.”


4) Gorenjec is arguing in the dry cleaners’:

“I won’t pay that bill! I gave you only two shirts and here are many other things!”

“Sir, in your shirtsleeves we found also 2 T-shirts, 3 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of underwear.”


Ok, here are the original versions (there are with smaller  letters so to save some space:P):

1) Gorenjec in njegovo dekle gresta v kino.
Gorenjec grize kokice, ki jih je
kupil pri vhodu v dvorano.
“Ali so dobre?” vpraša dekle.
“Odlične! Tudi ti bi si jih morala kupiti.”

2) Gorenjec popravlja streho, ko mu naenkrat spodrsne – preden zgrmi po tleh,
se ujame za žleb, ki začne pod njegovo težo popuščati, zato pokliče ženo:
Draga, kosilo skuhaj za sebe in otroka, jaz bom jedel v bolnici!

3) Gorenjki umre mož. Vdova odide na časopisno podjetje in želi oddati
osmrtnico. Zaradi varčnosti si želi le napis:”Tone mrtev!”
Uslužbenka na oglasnem oddelku jo začudeno pogleda, nato pa ji pojasni:
“Do pet besed je enaka cena:”
“No, potem pa napišite: Tone mrtev! Ugodno prodam traktor!”

4) Gorenjec se v čistilnici razburja:
“Ne bom plačal tega računa!
Prati sem dal samo dve srajci, tu pa je še kup drugih stvari!”
“Gospod, v žepih vaših srajc smo našli še dve majici, tri pare nogavic in
dvojne spodnje hlače.”


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