week №5, because you can’t…

have your tax number before you get your card from municipality, you can’t get your card before you don’t show them your European insurance card, but before that it has to come by post from Bulgaria and you can’t have your bank account before you get your tax number and …

better go and drink one glass cold water and go climb again on Saturday. After that the best is to go and eat something special to some special restaurant and not remember the name of it 😦 I will describe, you will suggest: it is rolled bread with something inside, could be cheese, mushrooms and ham, vegetables and so on…sounds like kruhkanki, kruhčanki…

another internet cable was killed by the door

we had and still have an invasion of foodmoth, they are like bats: live in the kitchen cupboard and are the same colour (brown-shit) and when you open, they start to fly and attack you, and then you take the gun and shoot, shoot at them with as much bad words as you know!

this is the monster:

oh, I’m tired;)


in 2 days there will be episode 2


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