week №4 Oh, my legs

This week, was totally dedicated to all kind of sports: on Monday it was training for the fingers and arms with the drum workshop in Kranj, Tuesday – swimming with the children in aqua park, Wednesday – outdoor games, Thursday – football, basketball, badminton in the school gym. After this we tried the brand new old car of Anze – that drove us to Bled, oh, Bled, Bled at sunset. I’m sure it is one of the symbols of Slovenia, like the desert on the picture. I felt so sorry that I didn’t have 2-3 stomaches more, so I can take more of it.



Friday – I guess we went on Lubnik, again. This time we took Iris with us.  There is a small house on the top, you know, where you can comfort yourself with some drinks, that are “FOR FREE” when you’re foreigner:) (ok, maybe only the tea, for the beer I had to pay).

On Saturday me and the lovely partner of me went on a trip to Krizna gora with the bicycles. I can divide this on 3 parts.

First – “Yeah, baby, I’m the king of the road, I’m fast and cool”

Second: “Fuck, F…, one, two, one, two, I feel my heart in my head, push a little bit more the bicycle, it is not so impossible steep, where is the end of this suffering”.

Third: These views are amazing, thank you legs to drive me here. And going down: o-o-o I drive with 60 km/h, It’s like flying, but driving as well, and adrenalin factory worked, ye, babe! Fast and furious:)

Saturday: relax behind the walls of Podlubnik, rolling pancakes, rolling talks…and then easy, Easy like Sunday morning that comes to Monday morning that comes to Tuesday morning, but before this I come to the end.

End, end, be-e-e-e


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