week №3 fragments of freedom

“uh, uh, uh

when the party is over

you got no way to go…”

very good first party in Ostriga and Musssic, I met a lot of funny girls ang guys….infront of the toilets (it is a very social place to make contacts).

But before the party is over is better to go home (at around 2), because on the next day Črni pyrst (1844 m) was calling me at 7 in the morning. So we went there…even on the top. It was hard and beautiful. Hardly beautiful. Guess what was above 1500: white like snow, cold like snow, soft and wet like snow? Yeees, you are right – Fog  (fock :P)…and Snow.  So we have an amazing view…hundred metters of Nothing:)

Ok, but on the way down we just swallowed and swam in leaves, there is no need to describe how colourful is the autumn in Slovenia, keep in min that it is different when you look At and you look In to the forests.

oh, and we “fished” the bike of Marrie, that was sleeping not so deep in the river. No more details. Ask her, she is great narrator and its her story. The best was to watch this on live. But no, no, dont throw her “Pony” again.

Other 4 days I spent in the Daily care center. I cant give more details, I signed a paper that I have to keep the live there secretly:)

Just for fun – at the centre there is “namizni nogomet” and it is cool to play with the children.

and some more: how people in Skofja Loka look at you if unfortunately the back door of your car is open – “oh, my God, there is a Ghost that has a belt with explosive”. With mouth open to the ground. Thanks for the driver that at least pointed what was wrong.



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